Feedback of FFDA Beneficiaries towards the Functioning of FFDA in West Bengal

Soumili Das, S.S. Dana and Biswarup Saha


The Fish Farmer’s Development Agency (FFDA) was set up in the year 1973-74 to popularize fresh water fish
farming in the country. Like other state, FFDA was also implemented in West Bengal for assisting fish farmers in
securing bank loan and channelizing the subsidy component, organizing training and Demonstration Centers
(DC) for capacity building as well as dissemination of improve fish farming practices. It also provides input such as
feed, seed, fertilizer, lime, medicine etc. FFDA schemes have been implemented to increase the production and
productivity of inland fisheries. The study was conducted to examine the feedback of FFDA beneficiaries towards
the functioning of FFDA in West Bengal. Data were collected from randomly selected 60 beneficiaries of 4 blocks of
North 24-Parganas district of West Bengal with the help of structured interview schedule. The result of the study
disclosed that majority of the beneficiary (66.67%) perceived that training provided by FFDA was most useful and
72.22 per cent of beneficiaries were highly satisfied by the trainings provided. It was also identified that majority
of the beneficiary (57.43%) perceived that adequate credit facilities were extended by the agency. Major constraints
perceived by the beneficiaries were occurrence of frequent flood followed by poaching and poisoning of fish, lack
of quality fish seed and high cost of supplementary feed.

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