Factors Influencing Attitude of Extension Professionals Towards Principles of Extension Education

Akanchha Singh, Basavaprabhu Jirli and Ashok Rai


The role of extension in uplifting the condition of rural people is becoming prominent with the passage of time.
Extension professionals have a responsibility to help the people in improving their livelihoods. In order to accomplish
such tasks they follow certain principles which act as guidelines for them to deal with the rural situation. It is
important to test that whether extension professionals are positive toward the principles of extension education or
consider it outdated. The attitude of extension professionals toward principles of extension education lead to its
applicability or inapplicability in field situation. Considering this pertinent issue the present paper is an attempt
to determine the attitude of extension professionals toward principles of extension education and how this attitude
is correlated with other variables. Data were collected through structured interview, administered on 100 extension
professionals of Bhagalpur district of Bihar in the year 2016. The findings revealed that majority of extension
professionals had favorable attitude (69%) toward principles of extension education. While about 14 per cent were
having unfavorable attitude. Even though it is one time response of respondent for the statement; it is having
implication on extension services. Identifying these implications was one of In-Tension of the study. Communication
behavior (0.251) and extension system link (0.334) of the respondents had significant relationship with their
attitude regarding principles at 1% significant level. In order to make attitude of extension agents more affirmative
toward the principles of extension education the paper recommended extension workers to undergo regular exposure
to formal, informal and mass-media sources, training, demonstration workshops, and conferences.

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