Role Performance of Extension Functionaries of Agriculture and Allied Departments of South India

K.S. Purnima, K. Bhagyalakshmi and A. Lalitha


The present study was undertaken during the year 2015. The main objectives of this study was to assess the role
performance of agricultural extension workers of south India and constraints perceived by them in their role
performance. For this study, data were collected from the 400 extension workers of agriculture and allied departments
of southern India during off campus training programmes of Extension Education Institute conducted during the
year 2015. The data were collected with help of questionnaire through personal interview and analyzed with the
help of suitable statistical methods. The study reveals that the majority of the respondents (55%) were moderate
role performers, whereas a fair 37 per cent of the respondents were Good role performers. Only 8 per cent of
respondents were found to be poor role performers. The results indicated that there is substantial scope for increasing
role performance of Extension workers. The results showed that majority of the officers were satisfactorily performing
the roles such as Advocacy on farmers interests (97%), Facilitation and feed back to the farmers regarding
agricultural activities (90%), issuing advisories on soil health management , water conservation , pest and disease
management and other technical areas (89%), capacity building and skill development in emerging areas (79%)
and providing information on ongoing schemes and programs in agriculture and allied sectors (67%). Among all
constraints, the administrative and financial constraints were ranked high by a high majority (>90%) as major
constraints in their Job performance.

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