A Scale to Measure Attitude of Research Scholars towards Climate Change Studying in Agricultural Universities

G. Netravathia, N.B. Chauhan


A scale was developed to measure the attitude of the research scholars studying in agricultural universities towards
climate change based on Likert’s technique. A tentative list of 29 statements was drafted keeping in view the
applicability of statements suited to the area of study. The statements collected were edited in the light of the
informal criteria suggested by Edward and Kilpatrick. These statements were framed in such a way that they
expressed the positive or negative attitude of the research scholars. The score of each individual item on the scale
was calculated by summing up the weights of the individual items. Scale and Q value was calculated by using
Thurstone and Chave inter-quartile range. Finally the scale consisted of 12 statements (8 positive and 4 negative)
whose median (scale) values were greater than Q values. However, when a few statements had the same scale
values, statements having lowest Q value were selected by arranging the scale value in an order. Reliability was
tested with 25 respondents and its value was 0.8134 and validity of the scale was cross checked with 200 respondent,
and‘t’ was found significant at five percent.

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