Estimation of Annual One Day Maximum Rainfall for Design the Water Harvesting Structure and Check Dams in UP West Region, India

Manish Singh, M.P. Verma and Y. A. Raundal


The daily rainfall data of 36 years (1975-2010) were analyzed to determine the annual one day maximum rainfall
of UP west region, India. The observed values were estimated by Weibull’s plotting position and expected values
were estimated by two well-known probability distribution functions viz., normal and Gumbel. The expected values
were compared with the observed values and goodness of fit was determined by chi-square (c2) test. The results
showed that the Gumble distribution was the best fit probability distribution to forecast annual one day maximum
rainfall for different return periods, based on the best fit probability distribution. The minimum rainfall 68.19 mm in
a day can be expected to occur with 97 per cent probability and one year return period. However; the maximum
rainfall 265.5 mm received with one per cent probability and 100 year return period. The results of this study may
be very useful for agricultural scientists and civil engineers, decision makers, policy planners and researchers for
agricultural development, construction and planning of soil and water conservation structures, irrigation and
drainage systems in UP west region.

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