Adoption and Discontinuation of Innovative Agricultural Technology by the Farmers of NICRA Village in Cooch Behar District

Ganesh Das and F. H. Rahman


New agricultural technologies are need to increasing the production and productivity of agricultural crops.
Technological change has been the major driving force for increasing agricultural productivity and promoting
agriculture development in India. It was found from different study that farmers’ perceptions of technology
characteristics significantly affect their adoption decisions. The new technology may be change by the farmers
according to their social, demographic, agro-climatic or other factors. The technology which was adopted at one
time may be discontinuing in other time in different way. There are many old technologies which are still using by
the farmers. The study was conducted at Khagribari Village (NICRA village), Cooch Behar District, West Bengal
during April to September, 2017. The objective of the study was to know the adoption and discontinuation of
agricultural technology by the farmers with respect to their socio-economic character. Random sampling method
was used for selection of respondent. Explorative Research design and both parametric and nonparametric statistical
test were followed for conducting and analysing the study. The study was explored the relation between the
adoption of innovative agricultural technology with different independent variable and the factor associate for
discontinuation of innovative agricultural technology.

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