Integrated Child Development Services: A Study of Job Performance of Supervisors working in Jaipur Division, Rajasthan

Pushpa Devi and Lalita Vatta


Supervisors have a very important role in Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), and their job performance
is a crucial element for the successful implementation of the programme. A number of studies have highlighted the
impact of ICDS Scheme, but very few studies have analyzed the performance of Supervisors. The Supervisor is the
immediate senior official of the Anganwadi workers and subordinate to the Child Development Project Officer.
Lady supervisors are the key person for implementation of this programme at ground level. This study was conducted
to assess the job performance of Supervisors working in Jaipur Division. There are total of 62 projects and a sum of
368 posts of supervisor in Jaipur division. Three supervisors selected from each project (total 186 supervisors)
were included in the sample. The finding shows that a maximum 43.55 percent supervisors have high level of the job
performance followed by 29.57 percent and 26.88 percent respondents have their job performance medium and low
level, respectively. Job performance had non significant relationship with job satisfaction Supervisors work with
perfection due to competition with their co-workers Complaints mention by them were excess work load; don’t
focus their main work; affected their physical and mental health, so affected their job performance.

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