Role Performance of Agricultural Extension Personnel in the Revitalized Extension System in Assam

D. Bortamuly and P.K. Das


The present study was carried out in the 11 districts of Assam to access the level of role performance as perceived by
the agricultural extension personnel in the revitalized extension system in Assam. A purposive sampling technique
was followed and statistical methods such as frequency, percentage, standard deviation, Pearson product moment
coefficient of correlation, Fisher’s ‘t’ test and multiple regression analysis were used for analysing the data. Data
were collected through personal interview method during the period of 2015. A total of 112 respondents were
interviewed with the help of the structured schedule. A total of 15 independent variables were selected for the study
which was categorized into three categories, namely ‘Personal variables’, Psychological variables’ and
‘Organizational variables. The study implies that the level of role performance of the respondents had positive and
significant correlation with service experience, training exposure, role awareness, role perception, attitude towards
ATMA, achievement motivation, motivational climate and job satisfaction. The value of coefficient of multiple
determination (R2) being 0.825 indicated that the positively correlated significant variables jointly could predict
82.50 per cent of the variation in level of role performance of the extension personnel.

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