Pocket Cards - An Innovative Low Cost Extension Methodology in Disseminating Critical Crop Interventions to Farming Community

Jyothi. V Vijayabhinandana. B, Venkata Subbaiah. P, Rajasri Mandali and Raja Reddy. K


Print media is one the powerful tool to disseminate technology to large number of farmers. It has the advantage to
refer again and again and retrieve the information. As an innovative low cost extension methodology in transfer of
technology and as a step towards second green revolution, Dr. K L Rao Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Garikapadu,
Jaggaiahpet mandal, Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh has introduced the publication of Critical crop interventions
as “Pocket Cards” during 2016. A single small card of size 3"X4", published on either side highlighting the
important points of the technology with attractive pictures is a pocket card. The pocket cards are multi coloured
information material made up of a thick paper with details of key contact persons for further information. They
easily fit into the pockets of the farmers hence the name pocket cards. The cost of thousand cards is only Rs.980/-.
Pocket cards on the management of Pink Boll Worm in cotton, Yellow Mosaic Virus management in blackgram &
greengram and Integrated Crop Management in redgram was printed and distributed to the farmers. Correlation
between satisfaction with the overall content in the pocket cards and satisfaction with the extension methodology
was studied among the 400 farmers who received the pocket cards and was found to be r=0.64.The technology is
now being adopted by the other KVKs in the state to disseminate information to the farmers.

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