A Study on Livelihood Status of Mishing Women in Tribal Society of Assam

Pubali Saikia


A tribal woman occupies an important place in the socio-economic structure of her society. The tribal women in
general and in comparison with castes, enjoy more freedom in various walks of life. It has been also observed that the
status of tribal women is comparatively lower than that of tribal men. The Mishings are the second largest scheduled
tribe (plains) group of Assam after the Bodos. They play a role of great importance both economically and socially. In
fact, in economical structure, they play a very strong role. Agriculture is a source of income of the Mishing women.
They also rear pigs, goats, poultry, etc. which form a great share of family income. A total of 120 tribal women
constituted the sample of this study. It was evident from this investigation that lack of capital, natural calamities like
flood and poor health status were found to be the foremost problems of livelihood for majority of the respondents.

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