Effectiveness of Mobile Agro-Advisory Services in Extension Delivery System in Meghalaya- A Multinomial Logistic Regression Model

Alethea Dympep, R.J. Singh, Jitendra Chauhan and Ram Singh


Information and knowledge through the usage of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can boost
agricultural production. Among the ICTs, mobile telephony has emerged as the ICT of choice of the majority of the
rural masses. The study was, hence developed with the aim of evaluating the gratification of the farmers on the
services provided by the mobile based agro-advisory system in Northeast India (m4agriNEI) and analysing the
effect of the recommended practices disseminated. A sample of ninety registered farmers was selected from Ribhoi
district of Meghalaya. More than eighty per cent of the farmers were satisfied with the results of the recommended
practices and about 87.78 per cent of the farmers implied that the immediacy of feedback was within the same day,
which was timely and one of its best features. The multinomial logistic regression model was used and the factors
viz., ‘education level’, ‘social participation’ , ‘awareness of m4agriNEI services’ and ‘number of crops grown’ were
found to be statistically significant in influencing the gratification level of the farmers in the services provided by
m4agriNEi. Moreover, the model revealed that between 63.2 per cent and 77.2 per cent of the variability in the
dependent variable ‘gratification level’ was explained by these factors. More than fifty per cent of the farmers
indicated that there was change in their yield and quality of produce upto some extent while 48.3 per cent of the
farmers stated that their income level change upto some extent. The study concludes that information received from
m4agriNEI proved to be effective and the change in the farmer’s yield and income indicates the important role
m4agriNEI in the farming community.

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