Livestock Holding and Its Association of Different Variables of Sonadi Sheep in its Native Tracts

C.M.Yadav and O.P. Pareek


A study was conducted in four districts i.e. Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Rajsamand and Bhilwara from breeding tract of
Sonadi sheep. The data on flock statistics of 6979 registered Sonadi sheep maintained by 147 shepherds of eight
tehsils from four districts of Sonadi breeding tract were recorded. The buffalo, cattle, Sonadi sheep, total sheep and
large ruminant holding was significantly higher for shepherds of OBC castes as compared to other castes. The
overall literacy rate had significant effect on all the parameters of land holding as well as total livestock holding.
Total livestock holding increases as literacy rate increases from 0 to 30 per cent, the above parameters of livestock
holding reduced as compared to literacy rate group of 21-30 per cent. The positive and significant association was
observed between age of family head and total cattle, total other than Sonadi sheep and large ruminant population.
The positive and significant association was observed between goat holding with total and cultivated land holding.
The population of other than Sonadi sheep breeds had also positive and significant association with total and
uncultivated land holding.

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