Utilization Pattern of Mobile Phone Technology (Smart Phone) Among the Farmers of Nagaur District in Rajasthan

Kailash, Om Prakash Mishra, Lokesh Kumar and Shani Kumar Singh


Now a days, one of the most important emerging tools of ICT is the mobile phones with a remarkable growth during
last decade. Mobile phone technologies have provided a good platform for farmers to share their knowledge and
information among each other in time such as weather information, crop and variety selection, fertilizer and
irrigation management, disease and pest management market prices of the product and on-going government
programmes. Keeping this in view, a study was conducted assess the utilization pattern of mobile phones for sharing
agricultral information among farmers in Merta block of Nagaur district of Rajasthan.A total of 110 respondents
were selected for the study. This study has show that a majority (83.63%) of the farmer used call to retailorthan call
to relative farmer (80%), internet user (29.09) and perceived as most information on weedicide, pesticide & disease
control (89.9%) through mobile phones. The correlation studies indicate a significant association between
educations, with extension agency contact and mass media of the farmer. The analysis the poor connectivity,
economic problem, high cost internet services and lack of updated information were some of the problems reported
by the respondents.

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