Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Farmers towards Vermiculture Technology

R.R. Kalita, M. Dutta Das and Sayanika Bora


Organic manure provides a solution to the alarming environmental damage caused by chemical fertilizers. The
residues of chemical fertilizer are not only percolating into the soil but have moved into the reservoirs of water,
rivers and streams. With the global concern of safe foods, the concept of organic manure was introduced to the
farmers. Among the various sources of organic manure, vermiculture technology recognized as having considerable
potential as soil amendments and also source of generating additional income along with the environmental
balance. And by looking into the benefit of organic manure, most of the farmers of Jorhat District started vermicompost
in their houses. Thus the present study was undertaken to analyze the knowledge, attitude and practices of farmers
towards vermiculture technology. The study was conducted in Jorhat district of Assam. A multi stage purposive cum
simple random sampling design was followed for selection of three blocks of respective subdivision. 120 numbers
of respondents, irrespective of gender were selected in 12 villages of the three blocks had been selected for the
present study. Data collection was done by using interview cum questionnaire. Data revealed that 75.00 per cent of
the respondent had medium level of knowledge and had strong favorable attitude (74.17%). 69.17 per cent of the
respondents had medium practice level towards vermiculture technology. The findings revealed that education and
organizational membership had showed significant association with knowledge of the farmers towards vermiculture
technology. It also further revealed that attending the training programme had also showed significant association
with both attitude and practices of farmers towards vermiculture technology.

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