Preferential Perception Towards Use of ICTs in Agricultural Extension System: A Study from Telengana

Raksha1, I. Sreenivasa Rao and Shaik N. Meera


With emerging needs of farmers, role of agricultural extension personnel has been diversified and widened. To
tackle the agricultural challenges in present scenario, there is a need to take advantages of newer communication
technologies with blend of traditional technologies to solve the farmers’ problems. In this connection, Information
and communication technologies have emerged as a convenient ways to resolve the complications in agricultural
extension system. Indian agriculture has witnessing and benefitting from the use of
ICTs in agriculture during last two decades. Various offline and online efforts are made and use of modern ICTs in agricultural extension
service delivery has enhanced the efficiency of Research-Extension-Farmer-Market linkage system much greatly.
But the users of this new technology are also facing operational problems. The present study focused on the
constraints faced by the extension personnel to use ICTs in agricultural extension professionals. Findings showed
that only implementation of ICTs are not important for the success of any ICTs initiative. Instead issues like budget,
policy, administration, infrastructural, capacity building and other soft issues has to be catering to make ICTs a
more successful and profitable in agricultural extension system with the focus on sustainability.

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