Society of Extension Education, Agra

Agriculture extension experts from all over India met at GBPUA&T, Pantnagar (UA) during June 1999. In this meeting of such experts, it was desired to form a scientific society for the promotion of study and research in agriculture extension and allied subjects as well as for exchange of view and pooling up of experiences. It was considered, that the time had come when workers in the field of agriculture, in which agriculture extension had made largest contribution so far, should knit themselves together move closely to discuss their own problems. Accordingly, SEE was establish with the aim to provide a forum for its members to participate in the seminar/conventions/symposium/workshops/training programmes for the improvement of knowledge and skills to face the problem of rural areas and makeup the dynamic reorientation of the members for 21st century through recent literature in the form of research journal/magazine/news letter, etc.

Indian Research Journal of Extension Education

The Indian Research Journal of Extension Education published by Society for Extension Education Agra (SEEA) is a multidisciplinary an international journal that publishes scientific articles concerned with all aspects of extension education in general and agriculture extension in particular. The journal is peer reviewed and committed to timely publication of original research and reviewed articles. The journal is designed mainly to serve researchers, dealing with extension research. Papers that can provide both basic theoretical and experiments, are particularly welcome. The journal is  published every quarter (four times a year) from 2017, with distribution to librarians, universities, research centers, researchers in extension and Agriculture science. The journal maintains strict refereeing procedures through its editorial policies in order to publish papers of only the highest quality.


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